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Artist Irkka Wähätupa lives and works in Tampere. Previously known especially for her modernistic textiles in relief and collages, she has also lived for a period in Lappeenranta in Eastern Finland. Today she mainly concentrates on primitive collages of found items, symbols and antiques. In her work, mysticism, history and traditional artisan crafts meet, sometimes in a playful manner. Old objects get a new meaning and a new life in Irkka’s work. Symbolism plays a key role in Irkka’s work, and she has worked also extensively with designing flags, ex libri, seals and church fabrics.

The small, white painted textile sculptures in relief were popular in the 80′s and have now returned to feature in Irkka’s work. Symbolism, again, plays a larger role there than before. The topics and inspiration for her work come from nature, the endless source of creative inspiration, but also from her own and close others’ twists and turns of fate through their lives. Key inspirations have been dramatic world events, meeting world leaders and in general, changes in perspective of how we think of the world and our lives in it.


Irkka Wähätupa
gsm +358 500 650 697
Treasure trove: Possilankatu 7, Lielahti, Tampere,FIN (artist pages) (company pages)

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